Based on medical and scientific research MAD-UP PRO® provides all the security and functionality needed to the practice & personalized BFR Training method [Blood Flow Restriction Training].



How MAD-UP PRO® work ?

Patented technology to achieve our goals Smarter & Safely

Cuffs regulate blood flow

by inflate or deflate

MAD-UP PRO® metering and regulate of one or two cuffs pressure.

Your Security First

MAD-UP PRO® monitoring and analyse physiological parameters in real-time.

Personalized pressure

Monitored pressure.

Electronic & mechanical regulation pressure.


Timer & movements Secured.

Automatic inflate & deflate.

Automatic & manual pause.

Security monitoring

Arm / Leg calibration protocol.

Up to 120 measuring points.

Muscle density analysis.

Minimum limb occlusion pressure (LOP).

Constant arterial pressure regulated.

Cuff detection.

Gaussienne visualization of the pulse wave.

Calibration & Regulation Algorithm screen

Algorithm based on heart rate and atmospheric pressure. It's allow to During the exercise, The MAD-UP PRO® technology adapts the working pressure to every movements with a patented mechanical and electronic system. This control method guaranted to work safely and optimize until the end of the session.

Calibration & Regulation

MAD-UP PRO® personalized pressure.


Protocols screen

MAD-UP PRO® has several optimized protocols adapted to your objectives.

Countdown movements.

Countdown rest.


Adaptation of the working pressure.

Sonore & visual indications.

Bpm indications.

Session stats.

Coaching screen

MAD-UP give the possibility to choose between main protocols based on existing BFR scientific studies. This allows you to find the best solution to achieve your goal. During the protocol, MAD-UP PRO® gives all visuals and sonorous indications for the athlete to follow his training. This allows the practitioner to let the patient follow safely the session designed. Changes could be made during the session to achieve the objectives according to the recommendations.


Patented design 2018

ABS & Aluminum design.

Mobile design.

7“ full color touch screen.


Hand luggage allowed.


A futuristic clean and robust design

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MAD-UP BIO-PHYSIOLOGICAL ACCELERATOR for rehabilitation & performance MAD-UP BIO-PHYSIOLOGICAL ACCELERATOR for rehabilitation & performance