MAD-UP BIO-PHYSIOLOGICAL ACCELERATOR for rehabilitation & performance MAD-UP BIO-PHYSIOLOGICAL ACCELERATOR for rehabilitation & performance




MAD-UP is a French company developed in 2018 of based on the collaboration of leading Doctors, Physiotherapists and Athletes working in high level sport.


This resulted in a simple objective: Provide a high quality device for blood flow restriction training based upon the latest scientific research.


We started the BFR as an athlete and patients in a search for optimization of our results.

During this trip, we discovered training in BFR and, being a nerve of science, over the years we learned a lot about it.


Scientific research has enabled us to develop the tools by excellence to help achieve results in safe and effective conditions.


If you're looking to capitalize on the potential of BFR and save time to achieve your goals, do it right.

This can help the athlete, coach or patient who is trying to accelerate performance and recuperation faster than any other technology.


Two years of biomedical and technological development were needed to design MAD-UP PRO®.

MAD-UP SAS - 8 rue André Le Nôtre - 49000 Angers - FRANCE

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